DD/CIA Darren Gold is the Deputy Director of the CIA, and at one point operated as a correspondent for the news show America's Voice.

Biography Edit

Before Sputnik Edit

Darren Gold was appointed Deputy Director of the CIA in April of 1953. Out of all the hints that the timeline of the America's Voice canon is different from our own, the most obvious is by far this fact, since in our timeline, this role was instead filled by Charles P. Cabell.

Around the end of the second World War, Darren Gold met the woman who would eventually become his wife at the turn of the decade. Her name was not explicitly stated in the video, but it's probably something bitchy like Becky.

America's Voice [10/4/57] Edit

Darren Gold was caught complaining to his cameraman Bradley about his distaste for America's Voice when he was asked to give his thoughts on Sputnik's launch, a question which revealed both his bias against the Soviets and his love for antioxidant rich foods. Darren's anger towards the news show spiraled from how they failed to fuel the van that was supposed to transport Darren and Bradley, leaving them stuck in the woods with wild dogs.

Eventually, Darren met a time traveler by the name of Esteban who informed Darren of the explosion of Vanguard TV3 and the moon landing, as well as the affair his wife was to have - although Esteban did not disclose that the man she was leaving him for was in fact himself.

Darren then hauled ass to the Soviet Union to debate with Dr. Rush 🅱️ Pavel, showing more of his nationalism until the end of their segment, where Darren seemingly overcomes his bias and actually proposes a peaceful conclusion to their argument. Pavel, however, replied with a blow to the side of Darren's head, and, ladies and gentlemen, he got him.

After October 4th Edit

Darren's blow at the hands of Pavel was a severe blow. Darren hasn't been seen since the events of October 4th, so it has been presumed that his fight with Pavel ended with his death.

Abilities Edit

Throughout all of Darren's scenes in the video, he never suggests that he has any extraordinary abilities. However, implications towards greater powers come from when he is not seen. Darren Gold somehow made it from the United States in that suburban middle-class household to the U.S.S.R. to debate with Pavel in a matter of seconds. To accomplish this, Darren would've needed to run at a speed of 821,733 miles per hour, implying Gold has some form of superhuman speed. However, other theories float around to suggest otherwise, one such relating to Darren Gold's long lost twin brother, which could be some sort of conspiracy covering a bait and switch operation.

Theories Edit

Some rumors have been spread about Darren being seen in Shantou, China on February 19th,1958 celebrating the Chinese New Year. Evidence for this theory includes:

  • A New Years card stolen from a post office that seems to have been addressed to Darren's parents
  • An unfinished container of berries and nuts left behind on the curb of a Chinese street
  • Reports of "the white man complaining about his ex-wife" from passersby in Shantou

However, there are flaws with this theory, like how the only flight available to have transported Darren to Shantou at the time suggested came from Finland, which does not exist.