Dr. Rush 🅱️ Pavel is an interesting character, with an agenda that is uncertain among many speculators. However, what is known is that Pavel's agenda comes into conflict with the central intelligence agency.

Biography Edit

Before America's Voice Edit

Dr. Pavel was born in Lomonosov, Russia. He served in the military from 1930 to 1934. He was married with two children. After his military service, he worked for the Russian Nuclear Energy Ministry, heading a nuclear facility in the Chelyabinsk Oblast.

America's Voice (October 4th, 1957) Edit

Dr. Pavel eventually came to work as a Russian correspondent for America's Voice. As he was reporting on the launch of Sputnik, DD/CIA Darren Gold had arrived at the U.S.S.R. Darren Gold and Pavel got into a dick-measuring contest regarding Sputnik until Gold proposed a peaceful compromise. Pavel, in response, bitchslapped Gold.

After America's Voice Edit

It is unknown if the blow Pavel dealt Gold got him kicked off of America's Voice. If he was removed from the show, it can be proposed that Pavel returned to nuclear work in Russia.

Abilities Edit

Despite only appearing to have slapped DD/CIA Darren Gold, the strike Dr. Pavel dealt to Gold reportedly did a devastating amount of damage, to the point where speculators are unsure if Gold is still currently alive. This leads many to believe that Dr. Pavel is actually a combat expert, stronger than both Dwayne Johnson and the Rock. However, others believe that, since even if Pavel is a combat master he didn't appear to apply the force required to do that much damage, Pavel instead has the ability to concentrate and regulate his own mass, and that he just made his hand really heavy before hitting Gold. Either way, Dr. Rush 🅱️ Pavel is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

Relation to Baneposting Universe Edit

Dr. Pavel shares a last name as well as similar background with Dr. Leonid Pavel aka Dr. Pavalheer of the Baneposting universe, leading to theories that the baneposting universe and the America's Voice universe are parallel universes. Theories like this also suggest that DD/CIA Darren Gold is the alternate version of William Wilson, better known as CIA.