Esteban is a time traveler who goes on adventures and does wacky dacky time travel shit. His motives are unknown, and his presence is unwanted.

Biography Edit

Life Before Sputnik Edit

All that is known about Esteban before he appeared on America's Voice is that he somehow acquired time travel technology in the form of his watch, as well as friends who also engage in temporal activities.

America's Voice (October 4th, 1957) Edit

Esteban traveled to the late fifties and had a romantic encounter with the wife of DD/CIA Darren Gold. Esteban then traveled a few months prior to the encounter and warned Darren - as he was operating under the guise of a correspondent for the news show America's Voice - of the crash of Vanguard TV3 and the moon landing, as well as of Darren's wife's infidelity (albeit without disclosing that it was with him). After Darren lost his bout with Dr. Rush 🅱️ Pavel and false newscasters Jim Maroon and Jake Black fled the America's Voice station, Esteban left the Jefferson household Darren had broken into and said good night to the audience.

After October 4th Edit

Esteban's final scenes in "America's Voice! [10/4/57]" leave his future very ambiguous. Esteban is last seen in the film exiting the Jefferson household and standing in the backyard at night as he addresses the audience. Presumably, Esteban left to go dick with more people in the timeline.

Abilities Edit

Esteban's level of combat expertise is unknown. Nothing indicates he has any significant training. Esteban has not exhibited any inherent extraordinary abilities, but his watch is a unique device that allows him to travel to different points in the time stream. The inner mechanisms of the watch are a mystery to everyone besides Esteban himself and presumably the friends Esteban mentions in his discussion with Darren.

Sexual Identification Edit

Theories and confusion have arisen in regards to Esteban's sexual identification. This is because Esteban's attire includes a pair of sunglasses which were clearly designed for a woman. In the only interview that's so far managed to have been recorded with him, upon being asked of his sexual identification, Esteban replied, "Thicc Loli 🅱️ragon."