Jake Black is a broken man who managed to get his way onto the America's Voice news show. He is listed as an Reverse mid tier villain because while a regular Mid tier villain is a villain who just does what they need to survive, Black does whatever he needs to die.

Biography Edit

Before America's Voice Edit

Jake Black was found to have depression from a young age, the cause of which is currently unknown. The exact diagnosis he was given was "Man up you bitch." Black attempted to take his own life on many occasions, which no one particularly minded until his attempts began to escalate and he tried things like blowing up his office building with him inside or provoking police officers to get them to open fire on him. Deciding they should finally do something about him, the government admitted Black into a sanitarium, where he met fellow patient Jim Maroon. Black and Maroon broke out of the sanitarium together and managed to hide out as news anchors for America's Voice.

America's Voice Edit

Jake Black and Jim Maroon were busted on October 4th, 1957 as they were reporting on the launch of the Sputnik satellite. Black and Maroon were last seen fleeing the news station as they jumped over a draw bridge.

After October 4th Edit

Jake Black is presumably in hiding with Maroon if he didn't just hang himself after the film.

Theories on his Depression Edit

Given how young he was when he exhibited his depressive traits and the fact he was admitted into psychiatric help, it is generally agreed that the root of Black's depression is some sort of psychiatric syndrome. Major depressive disorder is the syndrome the majority of speculators presume the root to be, though some have also suggested borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder to be possible answers as well.